Saturday, September 22, 2012

White Stemmed Rose

White stemmed rose; dew drips off your bright red lip.
Placed between olive tree and the sun,
in all minds but one,
your beauty may slip.
They may find your eyes cold, dirty and dun.
And they may see you lacking in soul,
or laugh at your failures and shun your gain.
And they may find your look quite bland and dull,
or they may cross your glares or call you vain.
but in the mind of that one,
they think lies.
You have more beauty than a phoenix down.
With wonder and shine aglow in your eyes,
happiness and peace with you I have found.
So sweet rose, fight against the forceful air
until I pick you for my own heart's care.


I live on violets.
Every youth outlasting us in life.
Our victories ethereal; unknowingly submerged.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Life's Real Beginning

You know, there comes a day
When we're supposed to leave
Just pack up all our things
And go

It's frightful and exciting
This adventure here before us
I know I'll love my trip

Everything I love is here
And all the people too
I'm expected to gather up
And fly

Fly to far off places
On my life's brand new journey
And have some fun
Well I'll try

It hurts to abandon
My hometown and companions
I've grown up with them
All these years

I have a close group
Of about a half dozen
With whom I've shared struggles
And fears

But then I remember
That they too are beginning
Their life's own journey
And quest

Off to the cities
To join all the Workers
The Livers, the Learners
The rest

And though I await
My great new beginning
With trepidation,
In the end

I know I'll have
Close to my heart
The few, the great
My friends

Here You Are Again

Here you are again
Drowning in your tears
And here I am again
But why am I here?
You crawl around in mud
But cry when you are dirty
You like to sleaze around
But claim you're not easy
You throw around punches
But complain when you get hit
You say your heart is full of love
But you're really full of shit
Stop lying to yourself
You love the attention
Just put your head on straight
And walk the right direction
I hate how my obligation
As your faithful friend
Makes me say nice things
To you, who depends
On other people's acceptance
When you claim you need no ones
You've driven me to madness
So much much so, I'm just done
I don't want to tell you
What you want to hear
I'd rather give you the truth
Which is something that you fear
You don't want to know
How terrible you are
How the victim's become the bully
How you cut your own scars
You ask for my advice
And do the opposite
You know you're often wrong
But you never do admit
You need the drama
Or you wouldn't know what to do
With the pathetic life you've created
By wanting all eyes on you
You burn your own bridges
Just to mourn the loss
You aren't a good friend
Just a manipulative boss
So here you are again
Drowning in your tears
And I am only a figure
In your rear view mirror

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Escape

The final snap on my bag's been clicked
And in my hand, a train ticket
I've only 3 dollars to my name
But money is nothing when you're running away
I cannot say my goodbyes
There's no time to waste for cries
I have to try to catch my train
I have to try to get away
And if they look for me at the station
I've got a Plan B, but it's not a great one
In packing my things I thought of this plan
I packed the knife my brother stole from a man
And it's a bit ironic
That my brothers knife
Was stolen from a man
And would soon steal my life
After all the rips and slits
Through the dark throbbing pain
They will be kept waiting
For I won't need to board the train
Instead I'll just float away
And finally get my escape

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Fateful Night In June

The clouds moved swiftly
Encompassing the moon
Suffocating her beauty
On this fateful night in June

An innocent girl, pure at heart
Was drawn by such a night
She was gazing at the sky
Captivated by the sight

Her eyes illuminated
Beneath the moonshine rays
That made their way through the clouds
To meet her awestruck gaze

She lay on the grass where she had stood
The blades tickled at her skin
She watched the clouds race forward
The storm was about to begin

The air whipped around, her hair lashed out
The trees shook softly above her
All was silent but the wind
Until she heard the thunder

The lightning parted through the sky
Showing all it's colours
Then thunder would roar a mighty BOOM
And her heart beat even faster

Water droplets fell
From the murky sky
Landing on her skin
And jolting her alive

She arched her back as the rain poured
This feeling was surreal
She felt the storm inside her soul
And it could not be concealed

As the moon hit the raindrops
They lit up as they fell
And they fazed through her body
And worked their own spell

With a soft, small gasp
Her soul lit up inside her
The rain lifted it from her body
And was separated by the thunder

The lightning took her after that
Lifting her into the sky
She looked down at her body
And whispered her goodbye

She was carried all the way into the storm
Past the violent clouds
And into the rays of moonlight
Where they acted as her shroud

She dangled in mid-air
While the moon shifted form
Soon there was a dark, empty moon
With an illuminated spirit before her

The spirit took the girls hand
And tossed her towards the moon
Where instead of landing gracefully
She completely fazed through

The moon's spirit watched
As the girl's spirit grew
Into what would be
The light of the moon

Then the moon spirit looked down
At the body that lay below
And cast herself  towards Earth
Into the body she'd soon know

When she opened her eyes for the very first time
She found she was very much alive
And she wandered the world curiously
But never went out at night

For if she did she'd be in danger
Of the girl trapped in the sky
Who searches the world longingly
With revenge kept in her eye

Monday, April 9, 2012

Death and Its Moment

As you die
Someone is smiling
Not at you, or your death
Something completely unrelated
But they smile

As the light leaves your eyes
There is so much happening in the world
A child is laughing, while another cries
A father holds his new baby girl
An hour after her mother had died
How cruel does fate unfurl

One couple yells and argues
Another, comforted by a longing stare
A third finds their life renewed
Your friends may walk on, unaware
That anything has happened to you
Do you feel Death is unfair?

It can be interesting to think
Of all the things taking place
All around the world
As you accept Death's warm embrace

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life - A Series of Haikus

When you feel alone,
People might feel as you do
Don't worry so much

You say you're busy
But get out and just listen
Relax, and smile

It races and runs
All the while torturing
Waiting for the end

But when your end comes
Will you be prepared for it?
Or will you just die?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Death Is But A Whisper

Death is but a whisper
It calls you by your name
Death is not wild and scary
It is gentle and tame
Death doesn't take the ones we love
But it always gets all of the blame
Death has a honey sweet breath
That relieves us all from pain
Death has a cold, icy grip
But only to put out our life's flame
Death takes us to better places
After we've been claimed
One day when you're old or weak
Or done everything you were meant to do
Death will softly kiss your cheek
And take your pain away too

She Wanders

She wanders amongst the dead and grey.
The pained, the blind, they're here to stay.
She sunk into this darkened place,
with her own pain and disgrace.
She feels trapped, wanting out,
but cannot see beyond her doubt.
Even if she did go back,
there are things that she would lack.
She still had questions in her heart
but the answers stood apart.
And so she sunk down,
to this place to drown,
in the questions that she always ponders,
forcing her to forever wander.
How does she decide,
from what is wrong and what is right.
Feeling when her heart is torn.
shifting, morphing. changing form.
Knowing that she cannot hide,
from the things she feels inside.
But she cannot face them,
cannot place them,
cant erase them.
As she wanders, she searches.
Not knowing what shes looking for.
Until her savior finally emerges,
she will wander ever more.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


There is always a time,

A time to laugh,

A time to sing,

Maybe a time,

For you and me.

If you want,

I can wait,

Our time,

Can come,

A little late.

A time to smile,

A time to cry,

A time to dance,

You can always,

Give love a chance.

A time to kiss,

A time to hug,

A time to miss,

If nothing else,

Listen to this.

A time to risk,

Take a chance,

See what we can,

Get out of this.

Maybe this is it.

I hope you know

I hope you know,

This is the end,

I'm tired of,

This big mess.

I hope you know,

You had your chance,

But this one isn't,

Going to last.

I hope you know,

I'm not waiting,

All I felt for,

You is fading.

I hope you know,

I'm stronger than,

You may think,

I hope we are,

Now in sync.

I want you now,

To please move on,

My feelings I felt,

Are done.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Hero's Beginning

Sitting in a wagon, riding to his doom
The Adventurer rests, listening
His fellow captives, telling their tales
Angrily, their brows bristling
Talking to each other about their fate,
The four wrongfully captured,
Soon to be sent to Sovngarde,
Away in a glorious rapture.
Arriving at the prison Keep,
The Axeman solemnly waiting,
The Adventurer leans out, sees his fate,
His energy quickly abating.
Kneeling to the chopping block,
The Axe above his head,
The Hero accepts what will become,
He will soon be dead.
Suddenly, a beast lands,
Sounding on the tower
Blasting the crowd below, his Voice
Resonating with power
The Hero escapes,
He goes on the run,
His perilous journey has just begun.