Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mutual Envy

She sees the world as many colors
While I see my boring monotone
She enjoys the company of many others
While I must suffer being alone
She has many talents to offer to friends
While I can do nothing of use
She has excitement to no ends
While I must sit and muse
Why must I suffer through my strife
When she leads such a perfect life?

He is neutral, seeing white and black
The colors burn my eyes
He is free from all of the setbacks
That from friends sometimes arise
He doesn't do constant favors
Without so much as a blink
I'm always busy, in need of a savior
Dreaming of a day to sit and think
Why must I suffer though my strife
When he leads such a perfect life?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Evil Influence

his face is one of evil
his stomach is huge with laughter
his laughter is kept for suffering
sadness and pain is what he's after
my tongue lashes out angry words
my mouth is sour with distaste
my nails dig in to the flesh of my palm
my eyes burn with tears of rage
he is selfish, he is foolish
he is destruction in my path
and i wait, painfully, day by day
until he is only in my past
the rest go hungry while he feeds
he feeds on our agony
he takes all of our happiness
and crushes it carelessly

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Best People

When you shine bright and thrive
They celebrate strong
When you can barely survive
They'll help you get along
You say you're trying to forget?
They'll kill the memory
You're one short of a duet?
They'll be your wingman for free

All you need is their company
To heal any of your pains
But they give you so much more
A true friend forever remains

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Place

The world is so much quieter
your thoughts are much more clear
The latest trend is always a smile
and no one sheds a tear
Justice and Peace are abundant
not anger, hurt, and fear
A sense of freedom whirls around
and fills the atmosphere
If you have something to say
the world will always hear
And when you achieve at something great
the world will always cheer
You come here when you're sad or blue
and daydreams bring you here
Your happiness and all these things
have never been so near

Tears of Joy or Crazy?

If one cries when you are happy
Does one smile when you are sad?
If one cries when you are born
Does one laugh when you are dead?
If one cries when you achieve
Does one grin when you fail?
Are they crying with joy
Or mentally ill?