Thursday, October 27, 2011


Tears fall to the ground,
As a puddle forms,
It can be covered up,
But never gone,
The feelings are hidden,
But still felt inside,
The memories begin to fly,
About what happened,
That cold winter day,
When you left this world for another,
And my life would never be the same,
But you left your mark,
In our hearts,
And marks never seem to fad,
They bring happiness to your name,
And when your name is said,
A chill runs down my spine,
And a smile appears on my face,
For I know you changed my life,
And to this day,
That is not forgotten,
Your love still remains,
With hearts changed,
And there will be a day,
When your arms are around me,
And where they will forever be.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Suicide; dying is an
Inevitability, but how
Could you take the
Initiative to make a
Decision to have it all
End early?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Black and White

Black and white,
Black and white,
Everywhere I look,
Shy blossoms bloom,
Hearts cry out.

Butterflies fill the room,
The stir in the room is obvious,
They are like clouds,
Floating around the room.

This is a moment to be shared,
With someone special,
I see black and white,
Black and white,
And I think of you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


She stares into the bathroom mirror
She bores into her eyes
She gazes upon the girl staring back
This girl, she does not recognize

The girl in the mirror is only the image
Just a mask she wears all day
But on the inside she is broken
Trying to keep the waves of pain at bay

In frustration and disgust
She thrusts out her fist
And then the mirror shattered
Showing what she really is

She then breaks all her plates and bowls
Even the glass that covers her clocks
She destroys everything that she sees fit
Everything with a reflection that mocks

Then she tears her clothes apart
Till there’s nothing but cloth and thread
She slashes through all the carpeting
Her knuckles staining it red

She slashes all the wallpaper
She rips the pages from her books
She slashes the sofa and bends the springs
She rips off all doorknobs and hooks

She stands in the middle of her apartment
Sees the curtains in the wind
The breeze felt nice and cooling
Against the heat of her skin

She walks towards the balcony
Slashed the curtains as she passed
Throws over the potted plant
And waits to hear the smash

Everything was broken now
Just like her, inside
There was only one thing left to break
She jumped off the balcony and died

Her blood had spilled
Her muscles were pressed
Her bones had cracked
The air left her chest

Now she lay broken
People gave cries
The last thing she thought
Was the breeze feels nice

Tax Man

    t he       eXpernament
    ate aMussel
stake       operatioN

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Moment

All eyes on me,
No room for mistakes,
The stakes are high,
So are my butterflies,
I hear the horn,
No turning back now,
Bring your team to victory,
Or let them all down,
Some say I'm crazy,
Others surprised,
But don't worry,
This is my life.


Grey is of thunderstorms,
How i feel when I'm with you,
Bring me down,
Is all that you do.

Colorful is a rainbow,
Pull me up when I'm down,
Make me feel strong,
Is what a friend should do.

Yet I push you aside,
For my rainbow is still full,
Rainstorms do pass,
And my rainbow stands tall.


Melodies are particularly
Useful in driving away your
Sorrows, very effective, but
If the song stops, they can
Come right back.

Separate but Together

One day out of every year,
Is the day you left my hand for another,
I reached for you,
Yet fell short,
You left my hand,
But not my heart,
Five years is very young,
To lose someone who you deeply love,
For I know,
Nothing can tear us apart,
Our hands,
Not our hearts,
I wait to feel your loving touch,
That I crave to feel just once more.


When I close my eyes at night,
You take my hand,
You make it alright,
My worries fly away,
Like the butterflies,
That invade my heart,
Then the happiness fads,
And I see the light of day,
Then your hand leaves mine,
The butterflies stay,
And I await the day,
To feel your hand through mine.<3

All i think about is you

When I close my eyes,
When I smile to myself,
When I wonder who,
All I think about is you.

I try to think of another,
I try to push you away,
I try yet you stay and,
All I see is you.

I wonder if you'll ever see me,
Know I fall asleep thinking of you,
I can't imagine being with another,
All i need is you.

So just take my hand,
And we'll fly together,
And nothing will ever be the same,
Because all I have is you.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Power; we are all sent
Out into the world to
Win, completely destroying
Everyone, but is this
Really such a noble goal?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

She Swings

She takes out her pen
She writes out a note
She numbers through ten
And here’s what she wrote

(1.) I’ve tried to be so perfect
(2.) But I’m flawed and failed you all
(3.) I tried to climb the heights you set
(4.) But I slipped and now I fall
(5.) I’m tired of all the tears
(6.) I’m through with all this pain
(7.) I’m tired of running on these tracks
(8.) I’m getting off this train
(9.) We may meet again someday
(10.) I’m sorry you had to find out this way

She lays the paper on her bed
They’ll read it…. She hopes…
Then she climbs up for her necklace of rope
Pushes her feet, and then she chokes

She twitches and she panics
Then she remembers why she’s there
And she endures the heavy price to pay
As she swings in mid-air

She sways so gently, to and fro
Her body so limp and still
And then they come and find her
And on her bed, her last minute will.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dotted Lines

Under her sleeves
Along her wrists
Are dotted lines
They are secrets

When no one's around
She looks at them and
She thinks about how
She wishes it'd end

It's so hard to take
The stress in her home
And everything makes
Her feel so alone

The darkness creeps
Into her mind
The coldness seeps
Into her spine

When does it end?
The fear, the hurt
Her heart cannot mend
It only gets worse

With no where to go
No hope can she find
She cuts along
The dotted lines

Sunday, October 9, 2011


today, i sit down to write
although i can't decide
just what to put down in print
what to write and glorify?

i write about what happens to me
but writing this way can be hard when
nothing exciting happens in my life
giving me material once again

lately you'd think i'd be able to write
volumes of my recent life story
but lacking a way to translate
i feel it might come out quite boring

in a way, it's a good thing,
that i have nothing to say
but this means that as a poet
i've somewhat lost my way

and yet i sit, typing away
composing a poem without a plan
"can you do that?" you may ask
well it turns out that, yes, i can