Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Hero's Beginning

Sitting in a wagon, riding to his doom
The Adventurer rests, listening
His fellow captives, telling their tales
Angrily, their brows bristling
Talking to each other about their fate,
The four wrongfully captured,
Soon to be sent to Sovngarde,
Away in a glorious rapture.
Arriving at the prison Keep,
The Axeman solemnly waiting,
The Adventurer leans out, sees his fate,
His energy quickly abating.
Kneeling to the chopping block,
The Axe above his head,
The Hero accepts what will become,
He will soon be dead.
Suddenly, a beast lands,
Sounding on the tower
Blasting the crowd below, his Voice
Resonating with power
The Hero escapes,
He goes on the run,
His perilous journey has just begun.

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