Monday, July 23, 2012

Here You Are Again

Here you are again
Drowning in your tears
And here I am again
But why am I here?
You crawl around in mud
But cry when you are dirty
You like to sleaze around
But claim you're not easy
You throw around punches
But complain when you get hit
You say your heart is full of love
But you're really full of shit
Stop lying to yourself
You love the attention
Just put your head on straight
And walk the right direction
I hate how my obligation
As your faithful friend
Makes me say nice things
To you, who depends
On other people's acceptance
When you claim you need no ones
You've driven me to madness
So much much so, I'm just done
I don't want to tell you
What you want to hear
I'd rather give you the truth
Which is something that you fear
You don't want to know
How terrible you are
How the victim's become the bully
How you cut your own scars
You ask for my advice
And do the opposite
You know you're often wrong
But you never do admit
You need the drama
Or you wouldn't know what to do
With the pathetic life you've created
By wanting all eyes on you
You burn your own bridges
Just to mourn the loss
You aren't a good friend
Just a manipulative boss
So here you are again
Drowning in your tears
And I am only a figure
In your rear view mirror

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