Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Death Is But A Whisper

Death is but a whisper
It calls you by your name
Death is not wild and scary
It is gentle and tame
Death doesn't take the ones we love
But it always gets all of the blame
Death has a honey sweet breath
That relieves us all from pain
Death has a cold, icy grip
But only to put out our life's flame
Death takes us to better places
After we've been claimed
One day when you're old or weak
Or done everything you were meant to do
Death will softly kiss your cheek
And take your pain away too

She Wanders

She wanders amongst the dead and grey.
The pained, the blind, they're here to stay.
She sunk into this darkened place,
with her own pain and disgrace.
She feels trapped, wanting out,
but cannot see beyond her doubt.
Even if she did go back,
there are things that she would lack.
She still had questions in her heart
but the answers stood apart.
And so she sunk down,
to this place to drown,
in the questions that she always ponders,
forcing her to forever wander.
How does she decide,
from what is wrong and what is right.
Feeling when her heart is torn.
shifting, morphing. changing form.
Knowing that she cannot hide,
from the things she feels inside.
But she cannot face them,
cannot place them,
cant erase them.
As she wanders, she searches.
Not knowing what shes looking for.
Until her savior finally emerges,
she will wander ever more.