Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Moment

All eyes on me,
No room for mistakes,
The stakes are high,
So are my butterflies,
I hear the horn,
No turning back now,
Bring your team to victory,
Or let them all down,
Some say I'm crazy,
Others surprised,
But don't worry,
This is my life.


Grey is of thunderstorms,
How i feel when I'm with you,
Bring me down,
Is all that you do.

Colorful is a rainbow,
Pull me up when I'm down,
Make me feel strong,
Is what a friend should do.

Yet I push you aside,
For my rainbow is still full,
Rainstorms do pass,
And my rainbow stands tall.


Melodies are particularly
Useful in driving away your
Sorrows, very effective, but
If the song stops, they can
Come right back.

Separate but Together

One day out of every year,
Is the day you left my hand for another,
I reached for you,
Yet fell short,
You left my hand,
But not my heart,
Five years is very young,
To lose someone who you deeply love,
For I know,
Nothing can tear us apart,
Our hands,
Not our hearts,
I wait to feel your loving touch,
That I crave to feel just once more.


When I close my eyes at night,
You take my hand,
You make it alright,
My worries fly away,
Like the butterflies,
That invade my heart,
Then the happiness fads,
And I see the light of day,
Then your hand leaves mine,
The butterflies stay,
And I await the day,
To feel your hand through mine.<3

All i think about is you

When I close my eyes,
When I smile to myself,
When I wonder who,
All I think about is you.

I try to think of another,
I try to push you away,
I try yet you stay and,
All I see is you.

I wonder if you'll ever see me,
Know I fall asleep thinking of you,
I can't imagine being with another,
All i need is you.

So just take my hand,
And we'll fly together,
And nothing will ever be the same,
Because all I have is you.