Monday, July 23, 2012

Life's Real Beginning

You know, there comes a day
When we're supposed to leave
Just pack up all our things
And go

It's frightful and exciting
This adventure here before us
I know I'll love my trip

Everything I love is here
And all the people too
I'm expected to gather up
And fly

Fly to far off places
On my life's brand new journey
And have some fun
Well I'll try

It hurts to abandon
My hometown and companions
I've grown up with them
All these years

I have a close group
Of about a half dozen
With whom I've shared struggles
And fears

But then I remember
That they too are beginning
Their life's own journey
And quest

Off to the cities
To join all the Workers
The Livers, the Learners
The rest

And though I await
My great new beginning
With trepidation,
In the end

I know I'll have
Close to my heart
The few, the great
My friends

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