Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Listener's Lament

Weight of the world, come rest upon my shoulders
All of the stress, all of the troubles
I'll take it all
Some I can handle, with just a frown for its bearer
Others can really hurt, dig into my psyche
But I'll take it all

Stress of the world, come flock to my pasture
The nagging worries, the terrible fears
I'll take them all
I can be your someone to talk to
Don't expect me to always be happy
But I'll take them all

Death of the world, I'll take you on
Deaths of relationships, deaths of happiness
I'll take them on
Dying minds, dying optimism, dying souls
Trading mine for yours
I'll take them on

Friends of the world, please come to my aid
I can't take these things alone
We can take them
Together suffering, together fighting, together winning
I need your help in my darkest hours
We can beat them