Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Fateful Night In June

The clouds moved swiftly
Encompassing the moon
Suffocating her beauty
On this fateful night in June

An innocent girl, pure at heart
Was drawn by such a night
She was gazing at the sky
Captivated by the sight

Her eyes illuminated
Beneath the moonshine rays
That made their way through the clouds
To meet her awestruck gaze

She lay on the grass where she had stood
The blades tickled at her skin
She watched the clouds race forward
The storm was about to begin

The air whipped around, her hair lashed out
The trees shook softly above her
All was silent but the wind
Until she heard the thunder

The lightning parted through the sky
Showing all it's colours
Then thunder would roar a mighty BOOM
And her heart beat even faster

Water droplets fell
From the murky sky
Landing on her skin
And jolting her alive

She arched her back as the rain poured
This feeling was surreal
She felt the storm inside her soul
And it could not be concealed

As the moon hit the raindrops
They lit up as they fell
And they fazed through her body
And worked their own spell

With a soft, small gasp
Her soul lit up inside her
The rain lifted it from her body
And was separated by the thunder

The lightning took her after that
Lifting her into the sky
She looked down at her body
And whispered her goodbye

She was carried all the way into the storm
Past the violent clouds
And into the rays of moonlight
Where they acted as her shroud

She dangled in mid-air
While the moon shifted form
Soon there was a dark, empty moon
With an illuminated spirit before her

The spirit took the girls hand
And tossed her towards the moon
Where instead of landing gracefully
She completely fazed through

The moon's spirit watched
As the girl's spirit grew
Into what would be
The light of the moon

Then the moon spirit looked down
At the body that lay below
And cast herself  towards Earth
Into the body she'd soon know

When she opened her eyes for the very first time
She found she was very much alive
And she wandered the world curiously
But never went out at night

For if she did she'd be in danger
Of the girl trapped in the sky
Who searches the world longingly
With revenge kept in her eye

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