Sunday, January 15, 2012


There is always a time,

A time to laugh,

A time to sing,

Maybe a time,

For you and me.

If you want,

I can wait,

Our time,

Can come,

A little late.

A time to smile,

A time to cry,

A time to dance,

You can always,

Give love a chance.

A time to kiss,

A time to hug,

A time to miss,

If nothing else,

Listen to this.

A time to risk,

Take a chance,

See what we can,

Get out of this.

Maybe this is it.

I hope you know

I hope you know,

This is the end,

I'm tired of,

This big mess.

I hope you know,

You had your chance,

But this one isn't,

Going to last.

I hope you know,

I'm not waiting,

All I felt for,

You is fading.

I hope you know,

I'm stronger than,

You may think,

I hope we are,

Now in sync.

I want you now,

To please move on,

My feelings I felt,

Are done.