Friday, May 18, 2012

My Escape

The final snap on my bag's been clicked
And in my hand, a train ticket
I've only 3 dollars to my name
But money is nothing when you're running away
I cannot say my goodbyes
There's no time to waste for cries
I have to try to catch my train
I have to try to get away
And if they look for me at the station
I've got a Plan B, but it's not a great one
In packing my things I thought of this plan
I packed the knife my brother stole from a man
And it's a bit ironic
That my brothers knife
Was stolen from a man
And would soon steal my life
After all the rips and slits
Through the dark throbbing pain
They will be kept waiting
For I won't need to board the train
Instead I'll just float away
And finally get my escape

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