Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When Planets Die

i walk around the world at night
the stars have stopped shining bright
i look up and see planets surround my world
each one like a magnificent pearl
but as they turn and time goes by
the pearls get flawed and start to die
some cant take the pressure in where they are
some get misplaced among the stars
some spin out beyond control
some stray away and get too cold
some crumble away til nothing's left
some are simply hollow and bereft
some destroy themselves inside
some get away, vanish, hide
some freeze up, while others burn
all this happens as time turns
and all i have to offer is grief
for their destruction has no relation to me
and as i look around me now
all the worlds have fallen down
and my world still lives peacefully
the sun still shining down on me
but, deep down, my heart has cried
for every planet that has died


mellow is the night
and quiet is the sound
of the one in bed on pillow
and the one in box on ground
how different are these two
the man on sheets and man on ground?
both live in a quiet country town
both with dreams of the crown
both were hungry when sent to bed
only one is the age of forty
one the age of ten
both left in the dark
all alone
one on the first floor
and one below
so what is the difference between these two?
one's quick to temper
and one lies cold
one on the first floor
and one not far below
one the age of forty
and one who's age matters no more
Copyright Michael Pattengale 2011