Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time's Assassin

Whether you go with the flow
Whether you're fast or you're slow
It keeps pushing you,
aging you,
crushing you,
caging you.
Time that never breaks,
time that never dies.
Time that always kills.
Time that always flies.
Time is only what you can perceive,
judged by the passing of events
and movement of the sun.
To him, the tensing muscles,
the pull of a trigger,
Time so small
not time to shout out
not time to call
not time for him to doubt
only time for time to let more slip away
no matter the hour or day
Reaper, receive your pay.
Time gives you it early
through this masked man.
Mask of white,
mask of lead,
mask of silver; crimson red.
Reaper, receive your pay,
your payment in dead.

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