Thursday, November 3, 2011


He tried to run
He tried to hide
They said "It's useless"
And that he'd die
He screamed so loud to drown out the noise
Of the evil people's whispered voice

He knew they were coming
He sensed his own doom
He knew he had to leave
And he had to leave soon
He packed a few things, among them a gun
Not out of evil, just for protection

As he ran around town
He scanned through the crowds
They'd be in disguise
He had no doubt
So everyone was now an enemy
Trusting no one, for his own safety

He was crossing the bridge
When they whispered his name
He had been found
It was the end of their game
He looked all around, caught the evil ones staring
He shot them all down, gunshots flaring

But more came after him
He could see no escape
Put the gun to his head
And accepted his fate
He fell to the ground with a hole in his brain
Finally free from fear and pain

On the bridge that sorrowful day,
Four innocents were shot dead
The culprit, falsely viewed evil
Lay still in a puddle of red
No one understands, since no one knew
What the schizophrenic man went through

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