Thursday, October 13, 2011

She Swings

She takes out her pen
She writes out a note
She numbers through ten
And here’s what she wrote

(1.) I’ve tried to be so perfect
(2.) But I’m flawed and failed you all
(3.) I tried to climb the heights you set
(4.) But I slipped and now I fall
(5.) I’m tired of all the tears
(6.) I’m through with all this pain
(7.) I’m tired of running on these tracks
(8.) I’m getting off this train
(9.) We may meet again someday
(10.) I’m sorry you had to find out this way

She lays the paper on her bed
They’ll read it…. She hopes…
Then she climbs up for her necklace of rope
Pushes her feet, and then she chokes

She twitches and she panics
Then she remembers why she’s there
And she endures the heavy price to pay
As she swings in mid-air

She sways so gently, to and fro
Her body so limp and still
And then they come and find her
And on her bed, her last minute will.

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