Wednesday, October 19, 2011


She stares into the bathroom mirror
She bores into her eyes
She gazes upon the girl staring back
This girl, she does not recognize

The girl in the mirror is only the image
Just a mask she wears all day
But on the inside she is broken
Trying to keep the waves of pain at bay

In frustration and disgust
She thrusts out her fist
And then the mirror shattered
Showing what she really is

She then breaks all her plates and bowls
Even the glass that covers her clocks
She destroys everything that she sees fit
Everything with a reflection that mocks

Then she tears her clothes apart
Till there’s nothing but cloth and thread
She slashes through all the carpeting
Her knuckles staining it red

She slashes all the wallpaper
She rips the pages from her books
She slashes the sofa and bends the springs
She rips off all doorknobs and hooks

She stands in the middle of her apartment
Sees the curtains in the wind
The breeze felt nice and cooling
Against the heat of her skin

She walks towards the balcony
Slashed the curtains as she passed
Throws over the potted plant
And waits to hear the smash

Everything was broken now
Just like her, inside
There was only one thing left to break
She jumped off the balcony and died

Her blood had spilled
Her muscles were pressed
Her bones had cracked
The air left her chest

Now she lay broken
People gave cries
The last thing she thought
Was the breeze feels nice

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