Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Take My Hand

You take my hand,
But say your not ready,
You leave me confused,
Standing in worry,
Is this how you feel?
Or is this a joke?
These thoughts float in and out,
But then I see you,
Hear your voice,
Thats all I need,
My questions answer themselves,
My worries leave,
Because here you are,
Waiting for me,
Just as I waiting for you,
For way too long,
Finally, finally,
You see me,
Maybe you felt this all along,
Maybe I was sane,
To think of what is now reality,
All the others,
With whom it never worked,
You and me have something,
Something I can tell apart,
Your different I know,
Its because you mean so much more,
I can't let you go without a fight,
Stay with me forever,
And everything will be alright.

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