Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Night, Facebookland

"Good night, Facebook," in a status, he said
As he rose from the desk to get ready for bed
"You know I like you, or most by far,
But I love only a few, and you know who you are
Though I'd love to stay and chat (it is what I desire)
I have to go to sleep right now so I won't be quite as tired
As I've tended to be so many times during my Junior year
And if I don't to bed now go, I may pass out right here
My friends here are good therapy
Out of all their good charity
I can tell someone the fears on which I've dwelled
And throughout our discussion, most are quelled
I now know I'm somebody you think of
And after talking to some of the people I love
In a very good mood and feeling very bright
To Facebookland I say good night"
(composed April 27, 2011)

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